Play oGame - Jocul nu e o crima!!

Play oGame - Jocul nu e o crima!!

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Play oGame - Jocul nu e o crima!!

    VIP Plugin 2.05


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    VIP Plugin 2.05 Empty VIP Plugin 2.05

    Mesaj Scris de SeGaL la data de Mier Dec 28, 2011 1:46 am

    Cind esti vip vei obtine:
    1.You get Free nades each round. (HE,2FB,SG)
    2.Free Armor+Helm
    3.You Get 500$ per kill and per HS 800$
    4.You Get 15HP per kill and per HS 30HP
    5.You See bullet damage at real time.
    6.Only VIP can buy Sniper's. (Like AWP)
    7.Write /vips u will see VIP's online.
    8.U will can use Admin Chat
    9.Slot reservation
    From 3 round u will begin see menu:
    1.Get Free M4K1 and Deagle+HE
    2.Get Free AK47 and Deagle+HE

    Module folosite:
    cstrike, fun

    bullet_damage 1
    amx_vip_hp 15
    amx_vip_hp_hs 30
    amx_vip_max_hp 100
    money_per_damage 3
    money_kill_bonus 500
    money_hs_bonus 200
    menu_active 1
    awp_active 1

    Cum se da VIP?
    "NICK" "PASSWORD" "bit" "ab"
    "ip" "password" "bit" "de"


    Updates on 2.05version
    Was not working /wantvip , /vips command it got fixed. Was removed "pickup_active 1" cvar (couse was to much commands in registrations. Was removed some useless commands. Now changed that Only VIPS can buy awp weapons but normal players can pick up awp if VIPS drop it.

    Updates on 2.04version
    Menu Fixed now it always shows only from 3rd round. Nades , armor will give when u spawn not from round start. Some small fixes on Event_curweapons.
    Add cvar pickup_active 1 so now if u write pickup_active 0 not vips will can pick up AWP weapons just wont be able to buy.

    Updated at 2.03version
    Repaired C4 bug now u can plant it

    Updated at 2.02version
    Repaired C4 bug

    UPDATE's at 2.01version
    Well i add'ed 2 new cvar's becouse people was asking it
    First is "menu_active 1" so now u can turn off menu when u will one.
    Second is "awp_active 1" well if u will do it 0 all people will can buy awp.

    Inside will be VIP.txt add it to cstrike/ folder and edit in there your contacts.

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